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About Vajra Drill

VAJRA DRILL LTD launched its services in Kenya with an objective to offer quality services in the field of ground water exploration of and Civil Works. The company is promoted by a group of technocrats from India and Kenya.

After successful establishment of Borehole Drilling Company in Zambia, has further moved to Kenya, Mozambique & Botswana for Business Expansion in the Field of Ground Water Exploration and Construction Activities. The strength of the Group is its highly qualified and experienced Directors who are committed and actively participate in every activity of the Group.

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cosmas khartoun
cosmas khartoun
17 March 2023
A place with the best water solutions
David Njabia
David Njabia
4 March 2020
They give out free calendars too!
Geoffrey Muinde
Geoffrey Muinde
13 June 2019
One stop solution for water... Boreholes water solution.
Alfric Alima
Alfric Alima
18 January 2019
Professional Drilling contractors and borehole installation experts
Jediel Mwongera
Jediel Mwongera
25 December 2017
Water drilling service available at affordable rates...
Masinda Samuel
Masinda Samuel
5 October 2017
You need a place to stay? Very accommodating with a nice swimming pool!


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What types of drilling services does Vajra Drill offer?
  • Down the hole (DTH) and rotary drilling
  • Drilling depths ranging from 0 to 400 meters with diameters of 4” to 14”
  • Geophysical surveys and hydro-geological mapping
  • Environmental Impact assessment reports.
  • Borehole Equipping.
  • Borehole Solarization.
  • Water storage installation (Water towers & Tanks)

Yes; We take up projects from start to finish, from doing the initial Preliminary documentation, Drilling, and Equipping, to installing storage systems.

Yes. Vajra Drill takes up projects from rural and remote areas. Kindly reach out to us with your location and we will get back to you.

Yes. Vajra Drill does solarization for pre-existing boreholes. We will require the following information. 

  • Your borehole completion report.
  • Your pump installation details. 

Kindly Contact our office for details on the payments & processes involved. Thank you.